Writing a story about a homeless person speaks

Yet every fiction writer bases characters on real people.

Writing a story about a homeless person speaks

Three months later, after Katherine had discovered she was pregnant, she phoned his office only to be told by an aide: Do what you have to do. But despite paying up, Sir Tom made it clear that he wanted nothing else to do with his offspring. I just fell for it. I just fell for the seduction. Fans pored over the photographs of his lavish former home complete with multiple balconies and a huge swimming pool For Jon, who was 20 at the time, those words cut like a knife.

A full-blown rebellion followed and his troubled adolescence swiftly descended into what has so far been an utterly dysfunctional adult life in which he has dabbled with drugs and struggled to hold down a job. He has been homeless, on and off, for several years now.

Afterwards, numerous TV shows called, trying to get him to appear. He ignored them all. He was arrested for possessing drugs, spent four nights in jail and was sent to rehab in exchange for the charges being dropped.

The former coal miner from Pontypridd in South Wales was 47 when he had a three-day fling with aspiring model Katherine Berkery, 24, after meeting her in a New York nightclub in October pictured in the US city in Afterwards, he tried to turn his life around, finding work as a chef, flipping burgers in a fast-food joint, and renting an apartment in Jersey City, just across New York harbour from Manhattan while working on his own songs.

I want to see him before it is too late. Now I know life is too short. I need to get to know him. I just hope he feels the same. As we both know, life is too short to let the important things pass by, so let me know when you get a chance.

But Sir Tom denied Jonathan was his child until a judge ordered him to undergo a DNA test which proved otherwise Fired from his restaurant job — he claims he was sacked for asking for a day off — he lost his apartment in October and slept on park benches until the weather got too cold and forced him into a homeless shelter in nearby Hoboken.

He is wearing the same red trainers he was wearing when I met him four years ago, only now they have several holes in them and look decidedly tatty. When we meet, he is carrying a torn plastic bag containing his newly washed clothes.

He claims that when he rebelled as a teenager, she regularly threatened to leave him behind. Sir Tom has admitted sleeping with up to women a year at the height of his fame Yet it is clear that she has tried to help her son.

When he lost his driving licence in after numerous traffic violations, he moved in with her and her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then, when Jon decided to move to New Jersey to pursue his music career, she accompanied him, risking her marriage to make her son happy.

When she moved to Arizona, leaving Jon behind, he says she encouraged him to check into a shelter after he confessed he was sleeping on the street. Afterwards Jon had a meltdown, posting several apparent cries for help on Twitter.

In a series of messages last May, he said he was surviving on food stamps — vouchers that can be exchanged for food. He begged for money, marijuana and strippers, at one stage writing that he feared he had jaw cancer.

Even so, the tweets were picked up by fans of The Voice UK, eliciting comments on internet chat sites.

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Jon appears delighted by this — he is clearly hoping they get back to Tom. Jon sometimes watches the show on YouTube.

It offers a chance to catch a glimpse of his father. The pop sensation has a son called Mark pictured when he was eight years old who he conceived with his late childhood sweetheart Melinda Trenchard.

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She passed away in April aged 75 Now and then Jon fantasises about auditioning for his father on The Voice. Despite the fact he will be 30 this year, Jon has never had a serious love affair — unlike Sir Tom, who married when he was only Yet he still harbours hope that he will one day be a father himself.

Am I ready for one? And it is hard not to feel sympathy for someone who surely cannot be blamed for the way he was brought into this world and has clearly suffered dearly for it. But given the stance Sir Tom has taken in the past, it is hard to imagine the star will relent now.

How bitterly ironic it is that he has always refused to listen to the pleas of his own son. Advertisement Share or comment on this article:Science Fiction Story Ideas Aliens Alien Invasion – Aliens invade the earth But it’s the year 3, and our technology is far superior to theirs.

writing a story about a homeless person speaks

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Scarlett Johansson won a defamation suit against a French writer for creating a promiscuous character who happened to look like the movie star. Note that we used the passive voice in the final intro version of our cyclone story.

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