Write attributes

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Write attributes

If the comparison does not prohibit all of the requested access rights from being granted, a handle to the object is returned to the thread and the access rights are granted. For more information about this process, see Interaction between Threads and Securable Objects.

By default, authorization for access to a file or directory is controlled strictly by the ACLs in the security descriptor associated with that file or directory.

In particular, the security descriptor of a parent directory is not used to control access to any child file or directory. This is not recommended in the general case, as many programs do not correctly handle directory traversal errors.

write attributes

The Windows security model provides a way for a child directory to inherit, or to be prevented from inheriting, one or more of the ACEs in the parent directory's security descriptor.

Each ACE contains information that determines how it can be inherited, and whether it will have write attributes effect on the inheriting directory object. For example, some inherited ACEs control access to the inherited directory object, and these are called effective ACEs.

This automatic inheritance, along with the inheritance information in each ACE, determines how security restrictions are passed down the directory hierarchy. Another means of managing access to storage objects is encryption. EFS encrypts only files and not directories. The advantage of encryption is that it provides additional protection to files that is applied on the media and not through the file system and the standard Windows access control architecture.

For more information on file encryption, see File Encryption. In most cases, the ability to read and write the security settings of a file or directory object is restricted to kernel-mode processes. Clearly, you would not want any user process to be able to change the ownership or access restriction on your private file or directory.

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However, a backup application would not be able to complete its job of backing up your file if the access restrictions you have placed on your file or directory does not allow the application's user-mode process to read it. Backup applications must be able to override the security settings of file and directory objects to ensure a complete backup.

Similarly, if a backup application attempts to write a backup copy of your file over the disk-resident copy, and you explicitly deny write privileges to the backup application process, the restore operation cannot complete.

In this case also, the backup application must be able to override the access control settings of your file. The full syntax of the function call is the following: To restore your file, the backup application would use the following CreateFile call syntax when opening your file to be written.

An example is when the access control settings of the disk-resident copy of a file or directory is different from the backup copy. This would happen if these settings were changed after the file or directory was backed up, or if it was corrupted. With this permission, the backup application process can then call GetKernelObjectSecurity and SetKernelObjectSecurity to read and than reset the access-control settings.

Backup applications call BackupRead to read the files and directories specified for the restore operation, and BackupWrite to write them.As the key to attracting new customers, a branding statement tells the world about your business and has the potential to engender long-term loyalty.


File attributes are metadata associated with computer files that define file system behavior. Each attribute can have one of two states: set and cleared.

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