Why obama won the 2008 election

Barack Obama's record fundraising was the keystone of his success Two years ago, Barack Obama was barely a blip on America's political radar. But, with a brilliant, disciplined campaign, a vast amount of money and a favourable political climate, the junior senator from Illinois has risen to the most powerful job in the world.

Why obama won the 2008 election

Withdrew on February 23, Before the primaries[ edit ] Media speculation had begun almost immediately after the results of the presidential election were released. In the midterm electionsthe Democrats regained majorities in both houses of the U.

Why obama won the 2008 election

This run would be his second attempt at the presidency. According to The Vancouver SunCampaign strategists had "mapped a victory scenario that envisioned the former first lady wrapping up the Democratic presidential nomination by Super Tuesday on Feb.

Why obama won the 2008 election

Obama trailed in the California polling by an average of 6. Obama won all of them, giving him 10 consecutive victories after Super Tuesday. This was Pennsylvaniaon April Throughout the primary process, she relied on the support of older, white, working class voters. Pennsylvania held a closed primary, which means that only registered Democrats could vote, and, according to Ron Elving of NPRthe established Democratic electorate "was older, whiter, more Catholic and more working-class than in most of the primaries to date.

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Clinton, however, had received the endorsement of more superdelegates than Obama.Jun 12,  · Barack Obama won the presidential election by a 2 to 1 margin collecting electoral votes to John Mccain's When he began his presidential journey Obama was a popular personality within his party but a relative unknown across the country yet he was able to pull off an amazing victory over a seasoned pfmlures.coms: After trailing Republicans for many election cycles in their use of micro-targeting, the Obama campaign was the first Democratic presidential campaign to benefit from the existence of a .

Why Obama won. By BEN SMITH and JONATHAN MARTIN 11/05/ AM EST “I don’t know what more we could have done to try to win this election,” he said. Calling Obama “my.

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The United States presidential election of was the 56th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 4, Obama won the entire Northeast by comfortable margins and the Great Lakes states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota by double digits.

Nov 07,  · How Obama won re-election. President Obama rode his superior ground game to a re-election win. A look at other keys to victory. Apr 11,  · Why Obama Won. President-elect Barack Obama waves as he takes the stage at his election night party in Chicago's Grant Park, Tuesday, Nov.


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