What is a home in my

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What is a home in my

How do I protect my house from jinns? Salam can you explain what I can do to protect my home and my family from jinns? Unfortunately Muslims today have neglected the importance of protecting ourselves and home.

What is a home in my

Why is it important to protect the home? External jinns which are outside, not inside the body can also have an influence on the peace and tranquility in the household.

They can give waswasah to the husband, wife and children. They can make a person feel lazy in salah and the list goes on and on. And things can turn more sinister sisters feel the physical presence of jinn and can actually see dark shadows of things floating around in the room! This is because our houses are mostly unprotected.

Similarly if your home is protected from jinns then they will look else. Jabir radiAllahu anhu said: I heard the Messenger of Allah salAllahu alayhi wasalam saying, "If a person mentions the Name of Allah upon entering his house or eating, Satan says, addressing his followers: There are also short term measures but the affects last for a shorter period of time.

Or if your child cries out of pain and you suspect there might be a jinn trying to possess them. It has to be sincere- not just saying the words for the sake of it.

What is a home in my

This will cause any shaytan in your room to leave immediately and since you have closed the windows and doors saying bismillah he can not enter again.

When the adhan is completed he comes back. When the iqamah is pronounced he takes to his heels again until it is completed. Then he returns again and whispers into the heart of the person and says to him: So the person remembers those things which were not in his mind before the prayer began and as a result, he forgets how much he has prayed".

Cover them even by placing something across it, and extinguish your lamps.

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Without going into too much details there were situations where the jinn inside the patient was too scared to talk because there were external jinns outside of the the body, in the same room as us that would kill him because that was their job- to prevent the jinn inside from leaving.

Once I did the above method you could see the jinn had relaxed a little, and would say they want to leave but are afraid that they will be killed, So I offer them Islam and Ayat Al Kursi Surah Baqarah 2: By the Will of Allah swt.

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Neither slumber, nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belonges whatever is in the Heavens and on the earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him but by His permission? He knows what is before and what is behind them. They encompass nothing of His knowledge which He will. His Throne extends over the Heavens and the Earth, and the preservation of both does not weary Him.

He is the Exalted The Immense One.

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Recite Aayat al-Kursiy when you go to bed, and no shaytaan would come near you until morning, and Allah would appoint a guard angel for you who would stay with you. You then light some charcoal until its glowing orange and then place it in the bakhoor holder. You then carefully add some of the ruqya bakhoor and allow the room to fill up with smoke.

The idea behind it is that when the jinns breath this in it suffocates them. The bakhoor holder and charcoal can be purchased from any Islamic shop. Secondly, if it is permissible to burn the pages of the actual Quran mushaf as a last resort as mentioned by the scholars then burning some wood that has had ruqya read on it is something far less in severity.

A word of warning it should not be burned in a room where you or your family intent to stay over the next few hours because breathing in smoke or burning wood etc is bad for your health.

It is maybe better to burn the bakhoor upstairs in the day and downstairs in the night. Alternatively you can burn the bakhoor before going out for a few hours.

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As a result of this they will be very reluctant to enter the house. Although Islamically there is nothing wrong with using this method it is always better not to rely on these as a primary source of protection.The Perna Team helps buy and sell Michigan homes for sale.

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Wa alaykum as salam and jazak Allah khair for your question. This is no doubt a very important question and will save Muslims so much stress and problems if implemented correctly.

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