The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

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The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

Gangnus 5, I would assume the question is being asked in terms of the October revolution. Hardly anyone is interested in the March revolution, and typically when they are it is in terms of how the March revolution led to the October one and the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks.

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The Russian revolution was in some ways a conclusion of previous revolutions in Russia, the March revolution in that the peasants still did not have control over their land and the industrial minority were still unhappy with the socioeconomic situation in Russia.

Added to this growing pressure on the monarchy was Russia's involvement in WWI, a war it was not technologically or militarily prepared for. As a result, the casualties in the tsar's armies were massive and many soldiers were desperate for a peaceful withdraw from the war.

Egypt is different in that it isn't quite confluence of events Russia was. It isn't facing a major war, the economic conditions are rather different, and the socialist parties are not dominant. While the Russian opposition was focused on the extent of socialist reform, the Egyptian opposition is fractured on more fundamental motivations, mainly between the Islamists and the more secular element of the revolution.

The split within the Egyptian opposition is actually a common division in Arabic politics for several hundred years. In most Arab countries Egypt includedwestern powers have manipulated Arab governments for their personal gains. As a response, some factions believed the best way to combat this was through becoming more like the West to surpass or become on par with those powers, or to turn towards a uniting factor such as pan-Islamic or pan-Arabic sentiment to run out the invaders.

In Egypt, the government under Mubarak ruthlessly suppressed the Islamic movement, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood.

The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

As a result, the more religious and traditional elements wanted his government to resign. The modernist factions were similarly outraged by the repressive nature of the regime and also wanted to bring an end to Mubarak.

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At this point, the major demand of the Egyptian protesters are for a more representative, open, and less repressive government. Unlike the Russian revolution, there is no unified goal towards a broader societal reformation.

The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

Also it is quite arguable that the Russian revolution was under far greater pressure as there was the threat of not only the retaliation from the government, but a German invasion and then the threat of an externally organized and funded counter-revolution by the great powers of Europe.Mar 06,  · The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution had comparisons, such as the trigger of the revolutions caused by the working class women and the occurrence of the Terror, and had contrasts, such as De jure equalities and the reaction towards the religious factors proposed by Robespierre and Lenin.

The Mexican and United States had very similar revolutions and because of this many of the mistakes and triumphs of each revolution are also the same, but there were many differences in the revolutions as well. They were different with regards to both social and economic structures.

Each fa. Comparison: French and American Revolutions and their Legacies AP World History West Hills High School Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There were major similarities and differences between the Russian and the French revolution.

The major similarity that exists is the role centrality of the peasants in the revolution.

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In both revolutions it is the peasants that were oppressed. While the French Revolution was a complex conflict with numerous triggers and causes, the American Revolution set the stage for an effective uprising that the French had observed firsthand. When. Between Great Britain and France, Great Britain wanted Frances land on North America (the diplomatic revolution), Britain ended up with a lot of Frances land (Canada and the land east of the Mississippi river), This leads to the American Revolution.

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