The other side of the island book report

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The other side of the island book report

I love this book so much, I did a oral book report on it. I really hope there would be a sequel. I hope to read more of Mrs. The ending left me with so many questions Anonymous said I really liked the book, it was amazing!!! I read the whole book in one night!!! I realy hope there is a sequel!!!

This was one of the best books I have ever read! I finished it in 2 days. I literally could not stop reading it. One of the best books of altime! I really hope there is a sequel. There are still a lot of exciting twists this book could have and Its really absorbing.

We had to read the book for school, one chapter every night. It was sooooo good i finished it the second night that i had it.

The other side of the island is about a girl named Honor and her family. Honor had a little brother named Quintilian. If Allegra Goodman reads this, please make a sequel! I think this book is totally awesome! I reallyreally want a sequel!

This book was sooo good! I just finished this book about two days ago and i was shocked, when i looked on the internet to find that there was not a second book. I really enjoyed this book because it had a lot of action and mystery.

When i first picked up this book it seemed like a weird one until i started reading it- and then i wanted to read more. So Allegra Goodman, u have to write one! This is such a fantastic book! A Chilling version of the future and a really exciting story.Theresa Caputo was born and raised on Long Island and lives there with her husband and two children.

She is the star of Long Island Medium, which airs on TLC. After suffering anxiety for most of her life, Theresa met with a spiritual adviser who helped her realize her ability to communicate with Spirit.

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But this summer when Annie, a white girl from the other side, begins to sit on the fence, Clover grows more curious about the reason why the fence is there and about the daring girl who sits on it, rain or shine.

And one day, feeling very brave, Clover approaches Annie. Hardcover Book; QTY. 1 +-ADD TO CART. IN THE TEACHER STORE. . Book: The Other Side of the Island Author: Allegra Goodman Pages: Age Range: 12 and up.

The other side of the island book report

Background: It is well-known to regular readers of this blog that I am unable to resist post-apocalyptic and dystopian is perhaps also known to Razorbill, because they sent me an advance copy of The Other Side of the Island.I read it in one .

Nov 09,  · Book Review: The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman Ever since Honor moved to Island with her parents from the wild Northern Islands, she’s been noticing that her parents don’t quite fit in. Island life is peaceful and orderly since Earth Mother enclosed what land was still inhabitable after catastrophic weather Author: Presenting Lenore.

The Other Side of the Island, by Allerga Goodman, is an amazing novel, has a very compelling plot, questions what we know of great young adult literature, and is recommended from me to anyone who. Report abuse. Transcript of The other side of the island.

The other side of the island book project pages By: cassidy keeven Part One: Chapter 6: Helix and Honor had to clean the stoves in the boarders house because .

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