Substance use in adolescents essay

This assignment will foster the nature of substance abuse among adolescents. It will provide the reader with information on how the intervention program will be applied and what to include in the intervention program as well as how it will be conducted. It will focus on the developmental stage of adolescents and why such an intervention is applicable to them.

Substance use in adolescents essay

Culture on Substance Use Among Adolescents Cultural values do have a significant impact on most adolescents' attitudes towards drug abuse.

It should be noted that what is regarded "illicit" varies from culture to culture. In that regard, therefore, one social group could be appreciative and encourage the use of a substance that is considered illicit in another cultural setting or social grouping.

This text concerns itself with the influence culture has on substance use among adolescents.

Essay: Drug and alcohol abuse by adolescents - Essay UK Free Essay Database

In so doing, it will, amongst other things, highlight the various dimensions of culture that have an impact on adolescent treatment and prevention of substance use disorders, and focus on the kinds of cultural groups that adolescents could belong to that have some influence on their behavior and attitudes towards substance abuse and attitudes.

Discussion The relevance of culture when it comes to the formation of an individual's expectations on the negative impact of substance abuse cannot be overstated. In some cultures, for instance, alcohol use is heavily regulated -- this could be viewed as a protective factor. This was the case with the ancient Aztecs where alcohol was allowed, but only during ceremonies Abbott and Trujillo, The use of alcohol in any other setting was, therefore, not tolerated -- those who went against this guideline received heavy penalties, including death.

Cultural groups that heavily regulate drug use and punish those who choose to contravene rules on substance abuse may positively shape an adolescent's attitude towards substance abuse. This is what could be referred to as protective normative behavior. It is also important to note that swift social change could also act as a facilitator to excessive substance use.

For this to happen, however, the cultural groups experiencing rapid social change should have minimal exposure to substance abuse; meaning that they have in place very weak or no structures to protect against substance abuse.

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In essence, native populations could lose their cultural identity as a result of exposure to unhealthy cultural or ethnic identities.

It is the unexpected influx of influence from the outside world that ends up devastating native populations leading, perhaps, to a change in attitudes and behaviors amongst adolescents with regard to drug abuse.

This, which has in some quarters been referred to as Anomie i. Immigrants who move to a new country from their home countries leave behind protective habitats or domains and have to confront new sets of cultural values as well as norms Robin et al.

A practical example would be relevant: Hispanics moving to the U. Studies done in the past have established that Hispanics including, but not limited to Puerto Ricans and Cuban Americans often embrace the dominant society's, in this case the U.Substance Prevention Programs Essay.

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PCN Introduction to Addictions and Substance Use Disorders Grand Canyon University Even the most severely addicted individuals can participate in treatment; in the hopes of . Substance Prevention Programs Essay. PCN Introduction to Addictions and Substance Use Disorders Grand Canyon University Even the most severely addicted individuals can participate in treatment; in the hopes of reducing their drug and alcohol use.

This sample Substance Abuse Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. These findings are parallel to findings from studies of adolescents’ substance use, which consistently show African American adolescents as having the lowest rates of tobacco and alcohol use, Hispanic adolescents .

Given that adolescents with substance use problems often feel they do not need help, engaging young patients in treatment often requires special skills and patience.

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Many treatment approaches are available to address the unique needs of adolescents. - Introduction According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the transtheoretical model of change, “for most people with substance abuse problems, recurrence of substance use is the rule not the exception” (Enhancing Motivation for Change, , p.


Substance use in adolescents essay

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Essay: substance abuse among adolescents - Essay UK Free Essay Database