Storytelling in the odyssey essay

One important point is that in the citations for the film, the time on the DVD version of the movie is given. In other words, if you go to that particular point on the DVD, you can see what is being discussed. As long as humans have gathered together, they have told stories. One of the archetypes of storytelling is that of the lost soul, struggling to find his or her way home.

Storytelling in the odyssey essay

Book 3 At Pylos, Telemachus and Mentor Athena in disguise witness an impressive religious ceremony in which dozens of bulls are sacrificed to Poseidon, the god of the sea. Nestor, however, has no information about the Greek hero.

He recounts that after the fall of Troy a falling-out occurred between Agamemnon and Menelaus, the two Greek brothers who had led the expedition.

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Menelaus set sail for Greece immediately, while Agamemnon decided to wait a day and continue sacrificing on the shores of Troy. Nestor went with Menelaus, while Odysseus stayed with Agamemnon, and he has heard no news of Odysseus.

He says that he can only pray that Athena will show Telemachus the kindness that she showed Odysseus. Nestor explains that Agamemnon returned from Troy to find that Aegisthus, a base coward who remained behind while the Greeks fought in Troy, had seduced and married his wife, Clytemnestra.

With her approval, Aegisthus murdered Agamemnon. Nestor holds the courage of Orestes up as an example for Telemachus.

He sends his own son Pisistratus along to accompany Telemachus to Sparta, and the two set out by land the next day. Book 4 In Sparta, the king and queen, Menelaus and Helen, are celebrating the separate marriages of their son and daughter.

They happily greet Pisistratus and Telemachus, the latter of whom they soon recognize as the son of Odysseus because of the clear family resemblance.

Storytelling in the odyssey essay

The following day, Menelaus recounts his own return from Troy. Proteus told him the way back to Sparta and then informed him of the fates of Agamemnon and Ajax, another Greek hero, who survived Troy only to perish back in Greece.

Proteus also told him news of Odysseus—that he was still alive but was imprisoned by Calypso on her island.

Significance in Storytelling in the Odyssey

Buoyed by this report, Telemachus and Pisistratus return to Pylos to set sail for Ithaca. The herald Medon overhears their plans and reports them to Penelope. Iphthime tells her not to worry, for the goddess will protect Telemachus.A bold spirit of innovation has emerged among artists as they seek to engage audiences with narrative worlds that leverage new technologies, visual aesthetics, social media cultures, immersive designs, game theory, transmedia activism and shifts in the boundaries of authorship.

In the last decade. Tim Sheppard's Storytelling Links for Storytellers Probably the biggest collection of storytelling resources on the web, annotated and categorised for easy reference. Essay on The Influence of Storytelling Archetypes in Homer’s Odyssey.

The Influence of Storytelling Archetypes in Homer’s Odyssey By Sam Thomas Odysseus' tale of his encounter with the Cyclops, which he recounts to the Phaecians in Book 9 of Homer‘s Odyssey, is one of the most famous stories ever told. The storytelling in the Odyssey knitted the life of Odysseus together, and gave many moral lessons and reflected many features of Odysseus’ character.

The moral lessons and features reflected of Odysseus in storytelling gave Greek society a man to look up to. The Sentinel and A Space odyssey, two different forms of storytelling, manifest differently as each of those forms consist of some specific additions and substitution in adorning the story along with providing a considerable drift to the imagination of the viewer - or the reader.

Essay The story, The Odyssey, was written by Homer and translated to English version by Samuel Butler. The main character in Odyssey was Odysseus, Kind of Ithaca, who after 20 years of wanderings returned home from the Trojan War and a long difficult journey which the powerful gave to him.

Storytelling in the odyssey essay

He found himself recognized only by his .

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