Press release samples business plan

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Press release samples business plan

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

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This is the world's smallest CW QCL module, and is expected to find a wide range of applications as a light source for high-speed sensing in industrial, environmental, and medical fields.

Two types are available: With the former, a dedicated mount to drive the module can be also available. It is also applicable for medical diagnoses, such as breath analysis and blood sugar level measurement. As a result, drastic downsizing and cost reduction of the module were difficult, which prevented severely the expanding the QCL applications.

In addition, difficulty in CW oscillation in high-temperature environments has also restricted this laser's use. Sumitomo Electric, however, has succeeded in developing a low-power-consumption DFB-QCL module by incorporating our original light-emission structure obtained using the Company's quantum structure design technology.

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Features Drastic downsizing is achieved: Adding an external temperature controller enables the module to produce equivalent characteristics as the TEC-included type.

High optical output sufficient for high-sensitive detection is achieved: The Company has already succeeded in demonstrating high-sensitive methane detection of up to 1. At Photonics Westthe Company will give an invited talk on the above high-sensitive methane gas sensing.

A semiconductor laser that enables a single-mode oscillation in the mid-infrared region by incorporating both a built-in wavelength selection structure and a special cascade light-emitting structure.

High Heat Load A large box-type package with high heat dissipation, thus used for high power-consumption lasers such as large output-power semiconductor lasers for processing. An air-tight package consisting of a metal stem with lead pins and a cylinder-shaped cap with an exit window covering the stem.

It is less expensive and has a compact size suitable for module-downsizing, and thus it is widely used in low power-consumption semiconductor lasers such as those used for DVDs and optical communications.

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A highly important agreement for technological and commercial relations between Italy and Russia was signed in Moscow in the presence of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

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press release samples business plan

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has developed and begun shipping samples of its compact DFB-QCL (distributed feedback quantum cascade laser) CAN module, which can oscillate in a single-mode under continuous-wave (CW) condition up to a device temperature of 80℃ in the 7 µm wavelength band.

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