Nominalization in academic writing

Do you agree or disagree? Students in school and university learn far more by lessons with their teachers compared to other sources example:

Nominalization in academic writing

Avoiding Over-Nominalization Hello grammophiles.

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With only four weeks left until final exams, the semester is coming to a close at Purdue. Many of my recent sessions with clients at the Writing Lab have touched on strategies for improving sentence structure. Sometimes, even if all of your sentences are grammatically correct, they can still read a little "clunky.

An overuse of nominalizations is one major cause of "clunkiness.

Features of academic writing: Complexity

In practice, this often means that your sentences will feature many more prepositions, helping verbs, and passive constructions, all of which tend to slow down your sentences and confuse your readers. Here are two over-nominalized sentences: The best advice is to turn your nominalizations into verbs.

Instead of saying, "an evaluation was undertaken," say "we evaluated. If the answer to this question cannot be found in the verb of your sentence but rather in one of its nouns, then you have some work to do.

This method directly addresses issues relating to nominalizations as well as inexpressive verbs such as "be" -- see my last post. As always, good luck to all, and keep the interesting comments coming!Learn to Write Badly: How to Succeed in the Social Sciences [Michael Billig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Modern academia is increasingly competitive yet the writing style of social scientists is routinely poor and continues to deteriorate.

Are social science postgraduates being taught to write poorly? What conditions adversely affect the way they write?

nominalization in academic writing

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Foundations of linguistics as a science, in relation to cognitive science, philosophy, and psychology, including a critical overview of the research program initiated by Noam Chomsky. Jul 23,  · Zombie nouns do their worst damage when they gather in jargon-generating packs and infect every noun, For an operationalized assessment of your own propensity for nominalization dependence Helen Sword teaches at the University of Auckland and has published widely on academic writing, higher education .

Oct 31,  · Few mistakes sour good writing like nominalizations, or, as Helen Sword likes to call them, zombie nouns. Zombie nouns transform simple and straightforward prose into verbose and often confusing.

Apr 04,  · Nominalization is abused by students seeking to inflate word counts and politicians trying to give their writing false objectivity, but in academic writing it serves a useful purpose as long as it is not abused.

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