Indias population boon or bane essay

Population explosion — boon or bane?

Indias population boon or bane essay

Population explosion — boon or bane? Greater population means more consumers for industries. So many industries focus on the countries having large population to sell their products. This leads to competition and eventually fall in the prices of many things.

Larger population provides a great manpower.

Indias population boon or bane essay

Population explosion also provides us with people of multiple talents in the fields such as sports, music, art etc. If the number of working population is greater than kids and elders, they can support them.

This will reduce the dependency rate. As the dependency rate decreases, savings will increase, so are the investments.

Population Growth - Boon or Bane to India's growth

This will result in hike in the productivity, which will ultimately help the economy grow. In the European countries which have been experiencing zero or negative population growth, people are offered incentives to encourage them to have more children in order to increase their population as their economy is in shambles.

Indias population boon or bane essay

This shows that we can not overlook the potential of a big number. This leads to the overall shortage in land, jobs, capital, housing, and health services. Rapid population explosion has led to the over exploitation of the natural resources and degradation of environment.

Environment degradation has resulted in many natural calamities that rarely happened earlier. It has also fastened global warming. For a huge population, it becomes more difficult to provide the facilities so basic such as water, health etc.

Even if provided somehow, then the quality of the facilities decreases. For feeding a large population, we need more production of food. Not having enough money takes a considerable toll on the availability of services.

When the population is large, there are employment issues. Many people have the necessary qualifications but there are not enough jobs for them. Many people turn towards the illegal activities due to unemployment and poverty, which leads to the waste of manpower, both in illegal activities and in keeping these in check.

Population explosion ultimately leads to the decrease in per-capita income and standard of living of the people. A large population makes efficient management a burdensome task.Population explosion – boon or bane?

Boon: Population growth provides us with a more number of working population, which is needed nowadays for speed progress.

India’s population is termed as a young population as the average age of Indian population is around years, which is considered as productive age. Influenced by Malthusian ideas, population growth is seen as the major cause of under-development of today. Poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America is often blamed on what is called over-population.

RE: Population Growth - Boon or Bane to India's growth -jaki jain (09/03/15) As my point of view i am favour in ban of growth population. Because of basic needs will not getting to everyone. India’s population is a boon or bane - let's discuss this topic of group discussion.

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India is expected to have million urban inhabitants while China is likely to have million city population. The statistics Indian Population- Boon or Bane? Population growth — boon or bane? Malthus' Essay, which was the book of the hour. There were several factors, which facilitated a warm reception to the book in The two great political.

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