Effects of shoplifting in the society

By definition then, it would seem that "society" considers all crime to be deviant behavior. However, members of society may not consider a specific crime to be deviant at all.

Effects of shoplifting in the society

Effects of shoplifting in the society

But when she dared to point out that 60 of the first women who entered the refuge were as violent, or more violent than the men they left, and publish a book about Violence Prone women, radical neo-Marxist feminists, i.

Pizzey's observations about female violence in intimate relationships was substantiated by Straus, Gelles, and Steinmetz in their book Behind Closed Doors.

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Martin Fiebert has compiled an annotated bibliography that examines scholarly investigations which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their male partners.

The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceedsand Pizzey's early observation is now firmly established. In dealing with domestic violence the justice system is, or should be solely concerned with physical violence in an intimate relationship that is purposefully, intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently inflicted on a family member mens rea.

But domestic violence is an issue too readily corrupted by emotions and feelings to be confined by logic and reason.

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That has opened the door to manipulation by radical groups for their own purposes and in the Colorado Supreme Court in 07SC People vs. Disher ruled that evidence of a sexual relationship is not necessary to establish the existence of an intimate relationship, further broadening the scope of how the law can be distorted for purposes of financial gain or vengeance.

Very good advice in the Twenty-First Century! Domestic violence is a propaganda minister's dream subject. It is common enough that the reality essential to all good propaganda is evident.

Men who beat their wives are universally reviled. Conversely, abused men are readily mocked and derided. Radical feminists, longtime students of communist-propaganda methods, quickly snapped up the issue as their own as Pizzey describes.

And any man who denies the accusation is faced with the classic paradox. Redfem ideology conforms to the arguments of Engels and Marx that class distinctions and oppression first arose between man and woman in monogamous marriage. Thus, according to Marxist theory, the family is the root cause of female oppression and radical feminist ideology evolved from that.


Lenin put it bluntly: State legislatures, including Colorado, followed suit. VAWA is based on the pretense that women are naturally and solely victims entitled to tax-paid legal and financial assistance while men are naturally batterers who are not entitled to even due process protections.

The most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man in the street, or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband or lover in the isolation of their own home. Thus, to remold men into the redfem concept of a New Man it is necessary to destroy the patriarchy and all men who practice it.

To do that VAWA and state laws, supposedly passed for the protection of women against their spouses, removed virtually every protection an accused man had under the rule of law. Perjury became the rule, subornation of perjury permitted and encouraged, and actions of victim's advocates unquestionable.

Arrests of any male so accused became mandatory and warrants were deemed unnecessary. Men are to be considered guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

If they deny they are abusers and batterers they are simply in denial and guilty by dint of being male, particularly if they are in a patriarchal marriage. Only men are violent in intimate relationships In the face of all evidence to the contrary, redfems claim that women are only violent in self defense.

To insure the man was arrested even though the woman was the violent partner, primary aggressor laws were added. Throw the bum out Top Ex parte restraining protection orders were provided to any woman who claimed to be in fear, might suffer emotional harm, or any other claim a victim's advocate can come up with, that prevent the man from returning to his home and children, or any other location or condition designated on the order.

Such orders are often delivered at work or at night with the man given 15 minutes to pack and get out. A warrantless arrest and jail are mandatory if the order is violated and the woman can have the man repeatedly rearrested simply by claiming he has violated the order.Compare their crime with a similar one: The previous summer, year-old Vernon Prater was picked up for shoplifting $ worth of tools from a nearby Home Depot store.

Negative effects of shoplifting affect business owners, business customers, and teenagers, and society as a whole. The deleterious effects of shoplifting cost United States businesses approximately sixteen billion dollars every year.

About one out of every three new . Effects of Shoplifting in the Society Essay Words | 4 Pages EFFE EFFECTS OF SHOPLIFTING IN THE pfmlures.com uploaded successfully CTS OF SHOPLIFTING IN THE SOCIETY/COMUNITY Shoplifting is a major problem in today’s world.

Effects of Shoplifting on Society Shoplifting is a crime. Sometimes referred to as a “silent” crime, it causes massive losses to the retail sector every year.

Domestic Violence — Ideology Versus Reality by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

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