Brief history of george strother gaines essay

The ante-bellum dwelling in which GainesRidge is located was built in the late 's. Its modified I-frame architecture, absence of a center hallway, and Federal style interior, show that it predates the Greek revival style of building, popular during the 's and 50's.

Brief history of george strother gaines essay

University Alabama Press Format Available: Six of the seven Francis brothers served in the Confederate army, as did their uncle, four servants, and other kinsmen, and all twelve members of the immediate family of Dr. James Carrington Francis and Amy Ingram Francis—as well as several members of their extended family—are represented in this volume.

In addition to the correspondence itself, the editor includes a thoroughly researched introduction that provides an overview of the Francis family history before, during, and after the war, which sheds light on the historical context in which the letters were written.

Also included are endnotes that document and elucidate figures and events that receive passing reference in the letters, a genealogical chart of the Francis family, and photographs of each family member. The editor includes maps of the Virginia, Georgia, and Carolinas settings, which allow the reader to follow the progress of Francis family members during the Civil War campaigns in which they participated.

James Albert Pickett Language: William Gilmore Simms, the South's most prolific writer, called it "one of the prettiest specimens of book making ever done in America.

Brief history of george strother gaines essay

The narrative shifts from the early chiefdoms of the protohistoric period to the Natchez and smaller tribes in the coastal plain and then to the major Indian nations of the interior into the late eighteenth century.

Pickett concentrates his final chapters on the emergence of Alabama as a territory and state, including biographical sketches of early state leaders, the state constitutional convention, and Alabama's first governor, William Wyatt Bibb, who died in Pickett's History continues to be a relevant study of the state's protohistory, colonial, territorial, and early foundations.

His work and his papers in the state archives are cited by all serious scholars who study Alabama's colonial and territorial eras. While he sought all the available printed primary sources and manuscripts for volume one, his second volume was principally informed by the memoirs, reminiscences, letters, and oral interviews of the participants in the events that shaped the development of Alabama from the pre-Revolutionary era through the s.

This new edition is the first to provide general readers and scholars with a readily available hardbound, fully indexed, and annotated version of Pickett's History. Franklin Lafayette Riley Language:The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines Gaines, George Strother, Pate, James P.

Published by The University of Alabama Press Gaines, Strother & Pate, P.. The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines: Pioneer and Stateman of Early Alabama and Mississippi, Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, Carr compares the writings of Acton and Sir George Clark.

Acton, who wrote in the later Victorian age, wrote with a sense of awe and admiration towards history, while Sir George Clark seemed merely bewildered by history.

History of Gainesridge - Camden Alabama The two sections of the Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines form one of the most important primary sources on the early history of Alabama and Mississippi. The Reminiscences cover the years toduring which time Gaines served as assistant factor and then factor of the Choctaw trading housecashier of Tombeckbee Bank in St.
George Strother Gaines - Wikipedia Jump to navigation Jump to search George Strother Gaines 1 May — 21 January had an influential role in the early history of Alabama and Mississippi.
Brief History Of George Strother Gaines | Writing Assignment Built in the late s, this hewn-log cabin was very large for its time.
Project MUSE - The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines George Strother Gaines George Strother Gaines played a pivotal role in events that shaped the early development and history of Alabama and Mississippi. In a public service and business career that spanned nearly 70 years, Gaines was a federal trade agent to the region's Indian tribes, a state senator, an explorer, and a supervisor of the forced removal of Choctaw Indians.

Our histories, both private and collective, are often touched in significant ways by unsung heroes. In studying the life of George Strother Gaines (), students will be exposed to a not-so-well-known resident of the Mississippi Territory whose life was spent primarily in service to others.

George Strother Gaines (1 May – 21 January ) had an influential role in the early history of Alabama and Mississippi.

Brief history of george strother gaines essay

During his long and varied career he was a federal trade agent for the region's Indian tribes, explored the country west of the Mississippi River and . Tennessee hill country. Little is known about George Strother Gaines' early life or education, but he had acquired some business acumen while working for the merchant brothers John and Robert Allen at Gallatin, Tennessee.

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