Best portable projector for business presentations

It includes road-warrior-friendly features like 4GB of internal memory and two ports for USB thumb drives for running presentations without lugging a computer with you. There are better choices than the INHD if your presentations include video and audio, but we've seen no others that combine p resolution and sharp text in such a featherweight frame.

Best portable projector for business presentations

Reflected images have been with us since sentient beings have had eyes. All it takes is a little water and a little light, and you've got mirror advanced enough to lure young Narcissus to his watery grave.

The mirror itself is somewhat newer, though its presence in folklore and fairy tales speaks volumes of our reverence for its apparent magic.

Business projectors. If you plan to use your projector for meetings, presentations or classroom instruction, you'll need a business projector, also known as a . Portable Business Projectors These lightweight, portable projectors are excellent choices for businesses, traveling presenters, or any application where portable projection is required. We define portable on this page as less than 7lbs and under 11 inches wide. Though it doesn’t have the best image quality and is missing certain features, it’s a decent projector for light use. a mini projector is much more portable than the larger dedicated units you see in a home theatre. The inclusion of a battery on many small projectors makes them extra portable. but business users benefit from.

It is that very magic that a projector harnesses to send you the images you love to see. When you go to the movies and sit beneath the beam of a professional theatrical projector, you're subjecting yourself to the reflections of at least two million mirrors. These mirrors are, of course, rather small, but they do the job of switching on and off behind dedicated color chips and reflecting a powerful source of light through the lens and onto the screen.

Portable projectors work on much the same principal, except their mirrors may not be as finely ground, nor their lenses as perfectly honed as the professional machines that cost dozens of thousands of dollars.

There's also a resolution limitation here. More mirrors will get you higher resolutions, with about half as many mirrors needed as pixels in the original image. If you want a 4K image, you need about 2, mirrorswhich are hard to fit in a portable projector.

This is one of the reasons that most portable projectors limit you to a x resolution or less. A Picture Quality Is Only Worth Words If we were merely talking about projectors here, we could go on at length about the nuanced differences between laser projection and traditional DLP or LCD projection, but let's just say this: We could also get into a whole world of features like upscaling, bulb life, color recreation, ease of installation, etc.

But there is only one true feature that you must take into account before all others when considering a portable projector: The absolute smallest projectors on our list do not have the best image quality.

It seems silly to have to say so, but a solid third of the projectors on our list ought to have you tilting your head inquisitively at the notion that these particular models are actually that portable.

They're certainly advertised as such, and compared to some of the behemoth projectors in the world they are, indeed, much more portable.

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Still, I think a portable projector is only as good as how far away you can take it. That means the smaller the body and the longer the battery life, the better. This, like most things technological, does come with a caveat.

best portable projector for business presentations

Our top projectors do, but they are slightly larger than the most portable among the lot. The best image quality is going to come to you from the projectors on our list who use the term 'portable' with a distinct sense of poetry.

If this is going to be your one and only projector, and you only need it to be portable enough to take across town without having to remove a portion of your ceiling, then you might be best served by a unit with great resolution and a bigger body.

If you're trying to project educational videos onto cave walls in Altamira like some anachronistic social studies teacher, more portable might be best.

It's a history rich with the buttery smell of fresh popcorn, the hush of a darkening theater, and the unveiling of hidden worlds to hungry, curious minds. You can, if you so chose, reach back to the camera obscura of the 5th century BCE for its true origins in the writings of the Chinese philosopher Mozi.For traveling business people who regularly give presentations to more than just a few people, Pico Projectors usually won’t cut it—a larger Portable Projector is required.

best portable projector for business presentations

The size and weight of a Portable Projector will be more substantial than a Pico. If the quality of your presentations is important to you and you often present to large groups, spring for this portable projector.

With native p high-definition resolution and lumens brightness, your presentations will be crystal clear. The Best Projectors for Business. When it comes to business presentations, video projectors give you the biggest images for your buck.

Make an impact on your audience by delivering your PowerPoint and Excel docs on a inch screen. It is the absolute smallest portable projector we tested, so if you need an ultralight, compact projector in a pinch, you might check it out.

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Due to reader request, we tested the DBPower T20, a frequent Amazon best-seller in video projectors and accessories. When it comes to business presentations, video projectors give you the biggest images for your buck. Make an impact on your audience by delivering your PowerPoint and Excel docs on a inch screen.

Make an impact on your audience by delivering your PowerPoint and Excel docs on a inch screen. After spending 40 hours researching 38 projectors and testing six finalists, we think the AAXA P is the best portable mini projector (aka pico projector) for occasional movies and entertainment and can also be used for small office applications.

It has the brightest picture and best contrast ratio of any projector we tested.

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