An introduction to the life of benjamin h latrobe

The Latrobe Family Pittsburgh was once the center of the world. Well, okay, center of the United States. Take, for example, Benjamin Henry Boneval Latrobe, one of the first formally-trained, professional architects in the United States. He was also, it must be said, a hottie:

An introduction to the life of benjamin h latrobe

Benjamin Henry Latrobe Benjamin Henry LatrobeEnglish-born American architect, was the first professionally trained architect to practice in the United States.

He worked in a variety of styles. Benjamin Henry Latrobe was born in England of Moravian parents. He was educated in England, France, and Germany, and as head draftsman in the office of the London architect Samuel Pepys Cockerell he participated in such large projects as the Admiralty Buildings in London.

His coming to American was something of an accident; his young wife died, architectural commissions were few because of the Napoleonic Warsand he had an inheritance to claim in Pennsylvania.

Latrobe arrived in Norfolk, Va. For the rest of his life he had many commissions in every part of the country.

An introduction to the life of benjamin h latrobe

In his works Latrobe displayed an amazing versatility and command of every current idiom. He undertook engineering projects, from waterworks in Philadelphia and New Orleans to a dry dock for the first American "mothball fleet.

He did college buildings, lighthouses, tombstones, statue pedestals, and furniture. On others, such as the Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphiawhere Latrobe ingeniously combined the first Greek revival portico in America with a Pantheon-like Roman dome, and the Custom House in New Orleanshe played with subtle spatial combinations of forms in the manner of Sir John Soanewhose English Regency elegance he undoubtedly knew.

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But Latrobe also showed himself aware of and competent in the new 19th-century concept of architecture as the art of creating images of ideological conviction by means of historic styles eclectically borrowed for historical association.

In he proposed a library for Congress to be built on the model of an Egyptian hypostyle hall, presumably in allusion to the wisdom of the ages kept therein.

The furniture he designed for the White House and the close approximation to a Greek Doric facade he executed for Pavilion X of the University of Virginia ca. Of these, his plans for the Baltimore Cathedral were perhaps the most important historically, for more than usual symbolic significance attached to this building.

As the seat of what had once been the governing Catholic diocese of all the English provinces, it was a reminder of the important role that Catholics had played in building America. Latrobe submitted two sets of plans for the Baltimore Cathedral, one in Gothic style, the other an adaptation of the Pantheon in Rome.

An introduction to the life of benjamin h latrobe

In discussions of their relative merits, hardly any weight was put on esthetic value; the whole question was whether Gothic, as symbolic of a Church "the same yesterday, today, and forever," was more suitable than Roman. Roman won out simply because Gothic could not match its combination of "patriotic American" and "loyal Roman Catholic" symbolism.

But Latrobe was too fundamentally versatile ever to accept the Greek revival symbolism unreservedly. Hence his disagreement with Jefferson over the dome of the House of RepresentativesJefferson wanting and getting, in the original version a grand symbolic shape, Latrobe advocating a more practical functional construction, and reverting to it when called back to rebuild the destroyed dome in LATROBE, Benjamin Henry, architect, born in Yorkshire, England, 1 May, ; died in New Orleans, Louisiana, 3 September, His ancestor, Henry Boneval de la Trobe, emigrated from France to Holland after the revocation of the edict of Nantes, entered the military service of the Prince of Orange, went with him to England, and was severely wounded in the battle of the Boyne.

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The Visit by Peter Waddell. One visitor wrote of entering the blazing splendor of Mrs. Madison's drawing room, designed by Benjamin H. Latrobe, and filled with political, military, and social figures of the day.

Featured The Life and Presidency of Harry S. Truman. Benjamin H. Latrobe Letter to Benjamin King re Thomas Jefferson's Water Closet Dated August 5, Thomas Jefferson (our third President) had a life long love of new ideas and inventions.

2 In the White House, Jefferson also had a wine cellar built just west of the house and called it an "icehouse." Additionally, Jefferson had Latrobe make.

The Bank Designs of Benjamin H. Latrobe and their place in American Architecture Thomas M. Shelby Paper for ARH American Architecture Introduction Benjamin H.

Latrobe ranks as one of the most significant architects of nineteenth century America, one whose works have been noted at the international level. It's a biography of the life and times of benjamin h latrobe intention has been to help inform the football coach and the s; Name Class Areas of Note; Benjamin F Avery: General manager & later president.

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